Taking a bite of the sandwich

17 Jul 2012

I have finally decided to root my Android phone and switch over to Ice Cream Sandwich. In the last few months I wasn’t willing to take the time to get into this whole rooting-and-custom-rom-stuff and risk any data loss. But Ice Cream Sandwich has been out for months and it takes HTC ages to put in their Sense UI - which I don’t even like very much. I think this UI feels kind of heavy.

However, the whole process turned out to be very simple in the end:

Step 1: You first have to root your phone

Root your phone (it’s German, just download the package, an English manual is included)

Step 2: Download the rom

Download Ice Cold Sandwich

Step 3: Install the rom

I was using the Rom Manager from Google Play Store which is 5 €, but it’s more a convenience thing. You don’t need that tool to install a rom.


The whole system seems to be pretty stable so far. Sometimes it freezes, for example when I try to access the task manager. And I seem to be incapable of encrypting my phone.

How to root your phone: