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I am currently on a sabbatical, working on various little tech projects and taking a break.

My previous job was at Pitch as a Senior Software Engineer, writing functional code with the Clojure programming language both in the frontend and the backend.

I am specialized in backend development using many different programming languages, API development, PostgreSQL and Billing (Stripe and Adyen). I am passionate about Software Engineering and have been writing code for over 15 years.

A Quick Overview

  • 🛠ī¸   At my last job I worked with Clojure/ClojureScript, Re-Frame, Python, PostgreSQL, Stripe and AWS
  • đŸ’ģ   My code editor of choice is VIM (find my VIM files here)
  • 🕹ī¸   I am passionate about Game Development (Godot 4, MonoGame, Unity 3D)
  • 🌟   My favorite programming languages are Clojure, Scala, Rust and Python
  • 👔   I previously worked at 6Wunderkinder, Microsoft and Pitch
  • 🚧   You can find an overview of my projects on my website

My Employment History

  • I worked at Pitch as a Senior Software Engineer and Engineering Manager
  • I worked at Microsoft as a Senior Software Engineer on To Do
  • I worked at 6Wunderkinder as an API Engineer on Wunderlist

Tech Experience

  • Programming Languages: Clojure, Ruby, Python, Golang, Scala, Rust, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Elixir, Bash
  • Web: Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET Web API, Node.js, React, Re-Frame, HTML5, CSS3
  • Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Billing: Stripe, Adyen
  • Continuous Integration & QA: CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Travis CI, Cypress
  • Software: Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Photoshop, Figma, Notion
  • Game Dev: Unity 3D, Godot 4, MonoGame, SDL2, Game Maker Studio 2